Monday, May 9, 2011

black ones

This morning I went for a run in Forest Park. I came upon a snail with a beautiful orangey hue in its body. The rust-like color was permeating its shell. It reminded me of a sunset. I plucked it and set it in the grass to the side of the trail. I wanted to keep it as a pet. i know, why?? but sometimes the uniqueness catches my eye; just as the birds keep pulling at all the wire on this snail above that sits on my front porch trying to find the "shiny" for their nests, I am easily mesmerized by unusual snails.
While in SF in December, snails with white shells and black bodies were up in Bernal Heights. New variety to me. Not sure I want to eat them..would need to speak with a mallacologist to make sure they are edible. Happy they appeared.
If you find yourself reading this, thank you and have a day filled with whatever you love.

photo by Nancy Peach. steel snail by me. wire woven by the kids at the Discovery Museum in San Jose, CA.