Monday, January 31, 2011

Contemporary Art as Coral Refuge

Living Sea Sculpture: Contemporary Art as Coral Refuge

In October, I began talking with Jason deCaires Taylor of the Museo Subaquático de Arte (MUSA) in Mexico about including Biorock® sculptures in the underwater museum.  Early January, I received happy news! Aah, I sighed a grand thank you.  He and the others on the museum and marine park committee have approved some of my designs to join his in the ocean this year.  Currently, Jason's cast cement pieces are the only works evolving there.  His "Silent Evolution" was installed in conjunction with the UN Climate Change conference in Cancun this December.   Yesterday I began preparing small steel pieces for our first Biorock® experiments at Seahorse Aquarium here in Portland...
please pass it along!

So far, a few filmmakers have offered to help with documentation.  Just got off the phone with KnitPurl, a  downtown yarn store in Portland.  They will soon be taking photos of our Biorock® coral restoration simulation brightening their shop windows through mid-March. The installation is complete with the movie "Reef Reborn" looping, the Gossamer Community Crocheted Reef, steel sculptures, a sample of Biorock...I'll post KnitPurl's newletter when it comes out later this week! 

Which brings me to more international Biorock® news:
Karang Lestari (coral nursery) in Pemuteran, Bali, is going to get their green energy this spring!  Rani and Celia found the funding. Congratulations and celebrations!
I hope Rani will post about it here.  
for more about that coral nursery:   

Back to Portland:  Tomorrow I hope we switch the power and begin the coral cultivation. Fun to be in room filled with tropical coral, interesting people, and bright lights to warm my chilblains (I love that word!)

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