Sunday, March 20, 2011

coral refuge update #3

Below is the update from my kickstarter that automatically goes to all the supporters of the project.

Excited to share the latest developments with you too.

22days to go!!!

Update #3 posted about 4 hours ago

Yes, 22 is my favorite number and that is how many days left to raise the final $5,700. 

Thank you for backing and getting the word out, for sharing your knowledge and suggestions.   Some exciting news: Mike Gerzevitz has offered to come to Mexico and document some of the project.  Margaret Andres has offered her editing skills.  Thomas Goreau, Brent Hartwig, Carey Robson, and Thomas Sarkisian are working on energy designs to ensure most efficient and affordable methods.  I recently met with Diego Gioseffi, president of the non-profit,, to discuss possible collaborations here in Portland and in Mexico this summer. They have a workshop scheduled for July 2nd-July19th in Playa del Carmen; timing may be perfect for kids in Mexico to join us in Cancun to replant coral on the sculpture, take underwater photos, and learn about reefs.  That would be fantastic!

Through this kickstarter, I've met Julyo Espinoza in Mexico City.  He works with coral importation into Mexico, among other biological research, and has a deep, poetic affinity for protecting and restoring their habitat:

"Some people think corals are like strange pretty rocks, some other that they are like oceanic grass where you can walk without concerns while diving, but when you watch this "rocks" moving, contracting, eating... god, it's shocking! Lonely glutton polyps or huge colonies, fighting against predators or against other colonies... I really admired them. Colonies as old as entire civilizations, as important as rainforests, but as fragile as leaves..." 


Spending time at Sea Horse Aquarium, I see the slimy strands of fighting corals, the growing polyps and their sensitive nature.  I also see how resilient they are when given the right environment that Woody and Tracie, plus the other volunteers, provide for them. 

The Biorock in tank experiment is finally accreting!! we kept shifting small variables and wondering what was the hang up? the power source and anodes needed some we have 2.2 volts running with 2 amps and, not sure, but possibly the luck of the Irish helped save the day;) On March 17th, St. Patrick's Day, some fine white coating and big bubbles (in photo below) appeared.  {note: It was also 2 Irish friends' birthdays and I did attend a potluck potato party...}

In all seriousness, I need to reach more backers! Please continue to support any way you can.  tell people, post to your facebooks, tweet, publish, email... 

Special opportunity: if you know of houses for sale ($50,000-$150,000) in Clark County (Vancouver, WA), please let me know.  Someone is ready to buy the "Biorocker" and contribute $5000 if he can find a suitable house in that area to buy and renovate. Finding that house to restore for human habitation could be the final pledge towards creating this new coral colony!

thank you!!!

for more about Living Sea Sculpture: contemporary art as coral refuge,

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

AskNature of Biomimicry Inst. seeks Digital Design Strategist

While at TED, this came in.  What a great job for someone with these skills! 

Subject - Casting Seeds: News from AskNature
Take AskNature to the Next Level
Do you think you are a Digital Design Strategist? If so, we'd like you to apply for that position to take AskNature to the next level of development. The ideal candidate will be incredibly Web savvy, with a keen sense of how people use technology in all facets of their lives. He or she will have demonstrated web project management skills, experience working with online educational content, great interpersonal skills, and an aptitude for building digital partnerships. The position will either be at the Group’s headquarters in Missoula, MT, or San Francisco (negotiable).

Reporting to the Executive Director at The Biomimicry Institute, the Digital Design Strategist will lead and grow an agile team of content providers, graphic designers, and IT specialists; collaborate with additional staff to ensure AskNature continues to meet audience needs; develop strategies and partnerships to ensure the continued growth of AskNature's content; and assist with seeking funding for the project.

For a complete job description and instructions for applying, please send an email to To learn more about the Biomimicry Group, see The deadline for submissions is March 31, 2011.

Nature Tweeted Long Before We Did
In collaboration with BeeDance, HOLOS Collaborative, and E4S, AskNature will live tweet the South by Southwest (SxSW) panel discussion “It’s Nature's Way: Innovative Tech Design Through Biomimicry” on Saturday, March 12 at 11 am CST.

Join the discussion now!

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